Think Tank

Think Tank

On the 10 of January 2017, a partnership agreement has been signed between the University of Lorraine and the European Institute of Ecology: After 20 years of absence, the University of Lorraine finds the European Institute of Ecology.

This partnership aims at pooling resources to help the development of many federative projects about a sustainable management of natural resources and the environment.

In February 2017, a brunch has acted the new collaboration and think tank has been launched.

07/02/2017: Brunch on the management of natural risks: hazards, vulnerability and resiliency to the floods.


The European Institute of Ecology has opened its doors for the brunch in order to talk about the management of the natural risks. Marie Anne Isler Beguin, president of the European Institute of Ecology, has welcomed participants in the emblematic place which is the Recollets where many environmental and ecologists specialists have gathered. This meeting permitted to have a talk on environmental, economical and societal goals of flood prevention.


05/04/2017 : The use of phytosanitary chemistry and its risks on human beings, water and biodiversity


This think tank has been inaugurated by professor BELPOMME and was the first in of the ecology and health serie. It honored students from two laboratories of human science and hard science: INTERSPY and the LIEC. These two mains axes permitted to renew with the problematics developed in the seventies by the Institute.