Corporate social responsibility

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The Ministry of ecological and solidary transition specifies the corporate social responsibility like a “concept in which companies integrate their social, environmental and economic concerns into their daily business and into their relationship with third-party actors”.


The European ecologic institute organizes business clubs to sensitize and advise the companies and public authorities to these major issues.


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This club is developed in partnership with the European Center of Research in Financial Economy and Business Administration of the University of Lorraine and the ICN Business School.


The goals

In most cases, the financial constraints take priority over the environmental issues. The goal of this business club is to develop a new approach in the internal / external decision-making process of companies and banks to integrate the environment impact. The business club’s finality is to answer the goals of the COP 21 with a consideration for the competitive and employability challenges of companies.


Why integrate the business club?


This business club promotes and contributes to the innovation in the decision-making processes of trades between the banks and the companies. It reinforces the attractiveness of establishments thank to the recognition of integration or of local, cross-border, or international partners.


Next engagements


17 April 2018 : Inaugural session of Business club Corporate Finance and Ecology (buffet) in the presence of Viviane NEITER

  • Chapter house, 1 rue des Récollets au Cloître des Récollets à METZ

September 2018 : Workshop.

February 2019 : Seminar for a general audience.

September 2019 : Challenge Corporate Finance and Ecology.

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