To help the European Institute of Ecology

The European Institute of Ecology aims at promoting and developing all initiative with the intention of enhancing the quality of life, the environment and the relationship between men, societies and nature.

The Institute works as autonomous and independent centre offering a public access for all : individuals and organizations.

To help us, many possibilities are offered to you: You can make a donation, become a member or/and become a sponsor.

Why becoming a member ?

Becoming a member offers you to be informed of all our actions throughout the year and to participate to the development of the European Institute of Ecology.

The membership costs 15 euros in 2018 for the year.

Why becoming a sponsor ?

You are an organization or a private individual and you are sensible to ecological and sustainable development issues?

Becoming a sponsor means contributing to your scale, at the implementation of many projects. Indeed, the European Institute of Ecology develops every year many projects in order to make people think and aims at promoting a respectful environmental way of life.

If you want more information, you can contact us.

What for my donation ?

Thank to your support:

We organise many actions like conferences, seminaries, workshops, trainings etc. which aim at thinking together to the issues, solutions and goals of the conservation of the environment.
We also develop means of communication (paper and numeric ones) in order to transmit our message and our values to a maximum of our countrymen.

How to become a member, a sponsor or make a donation ?

You can become a member downloading the membership application here and sending it by post to :

Institut Européen d’Écologie

1 Rue des Récollets,

57000 Metz

To make a donation, you can or make it on-line thanks to the button below or downloading the pledge and sending it by post to the same postal address.

To become a sponsor, please contact us here.

Acting together

I want to become a member

To become a member, you can do it on line or download the document PDF  :

I want to become a sponsor

You want to become a sponsor ? Please, contact us with our contact form here :

I want to make a donation

To make a donation, do it on line below or download the pelage form here.

Membership form on-line ?

You can become a member with our membership form on-line. You can pay on-line with PayPal, no PayPal account is required, just a credit card.

For a donation on-line

You want to help us immediately with a donation on-line ? You can do it with the button below.

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