Our story

Our founders


Election promise of Jean-Marie RAUSCH, mayor of the city of Metz from 1971 to 2008, the European Institute of Ecology was founded in 1971 by 4 founding members: Jean Marie Pelt: biologist, Jean-Michel JOUANY : toxicologist,  Roger KLAINE : philosopher et Marcel ROBIN : sociologist.

From the start, the institute stands out with its ambition to associate women and men from different origins through its actions and researches.

Jean Marie Pelt and Roger Klaine developed the concept of urban ecology initiated by the Chicago school during the inter war period and acting as deputy mayor of the city of Metz, decided to apply it to the urban plan of the city.

The collaboration between Jean-Michel JOUANY and Jean-Marie PELT permitted the emergence of two new sciences:

  • Eco-toxicology: The study of pollutions and its consequences.
  • Ethno pharmacology: Comparison studies between medicinal plants and non-western cultures.

Today's Institute

For 45 years, the European Institute of Ecology aims at promoting and developing all initiative with the intention of enhancing the quality of life, the environment and the relationship between men, societies and nature.

Since Marie Anne Isler Beguin, Honoured Vice-President of the European parliament, is in charge of the institute, it aims at contributing to the ecological transition in all its forms.

The Presidente

Marie Anne Isler Beguin

Marie Anne Isler Beguin

President of the European Institute of the Ecology

Graduated in ecology and in geography, Marie Anne Isler Beguin, go-getter, decided early to get involved in sustainable transition, even before the term itself was known as a major innovation in the political landscape in the second part of the latest century.

This commitment understandably placed her in leadership role for French and European ecologists.

European deputy for many years, she has also been Vice-President of the European parliament from 1992 to 1994 and commissions member of the European parliament involved in the most important events in ecology in the world ( Rio Earth summit, climate change in Kyoto, sustainable development in Johannesburg, COP 21, etc.).

Today, she is town councillor and vice president of Metz Metropole, she became President of the Institute in June 2016 and does it with passion.

European Institute of Ecology

Board Members

The European Institute of Ecology is also driven by the involvement of many women and men forming the governing  body: