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The goal of the European Institute of Ecology is to raise public awareness on the negative consequences of the economic growth on the environment, but also to be a relay of positive and creative actions for the Transition . In this mission, we divide our actions into three main spheres of actions:

To think

For the set up of group counselling sessions gathering many experts in order to propose remedies well adapted to nowadays ecological issues.

To train

By attending and holding many non restricted research conferences focus on topic regarding Ecology and sustainable development.

To act

To share good practices and being the spokesperson of each member of the society: The European Institute of Ecology is a unique source of information in terms of Ecology and sustainable development.

2 months ago
Greenpeace France


VICTOIRE !! Total ne forera pas dans l'embouchure de l'Amazone, au Brésil.

Après deux ans de campagne, l'agence environnementale brésilienne, Ibama, a définitivement rejeté la demande de ... See more

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